The Truth about Transforming Rehabiliation: Voices from the frontline

Trade unions Napo and UNISON, who together represent 12,000 probation workers, have released findings from a joint survey of their members, which makes for harrowing reading. The survey was conducted in July 2014, soon after the reforms made under the government’s Transforming Rehabilitation programme of restructuring the probation service had got under way. On 1 June probation staff were moved to the newly created National Probation Service (NPS) and the 21 Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs), the latter replacing the former Probation Trusts and due to be sold off to the private sector later this year.

The findings reveal the shocking scale of mismanagement, errors, compromised risk management and increased bureaucracy on a scale scarcely imaginable. The survey tells the story of Napo and UNISON’s members, whose views and expertise have been ignored by the government. It also reveals what it is like to work within this dangerous experiment in probation that the government is implementing.

To see the report click this link – The Truth About Transforming Rehabilitation

Among the key findings are that:

  • 80% of respondents have considered leaving their job in the last 12 months, the main reasons being – disagreement with Transforming Rehabilitation (78%); feeling undervalued (70%); having to compromise on standards (70%).
  • 55% are actively looking for a new job
  • 99% do not support the government’s Transforming Rehabiliation proposals
  • 74% say that workload and pressure has increased since they transferred to the NPS or CRC
  • 86% indicate that stress levels have increased since the transfer
  • 82% say that staff morale has decreased following the transfer
  • 98% have no confidence in the Secretary of State for Justice Chris Grayling.

1,046 members responded to the survey, the majority of whom  were either probation officers, probation service officers or senior probation officers. Napo and UNISON state that the joint member survey should be “a wake-up call to all those who care about the safety of their local community”.

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