The hypocrites have jumped aboard the Magna Carta bandwagon, Daily Telegraph, 8 Jan

Today’s piece in the Daily Telegraph regarding the government’s hypocritical marking of 800 years since the signing of the Magna Carta, while systematically attacking the justice system, makes for interesting reading.

The article details the celebration, which will be held at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster, as a largely corporate event, which illustrates the very worrying extent to which “market forces have merged so effortlessly with the rule of law”. Most attendees are set to be large corporate law firms, companies who advise on tax avoidance, senior bankers and others. The event is described, on the Global Law Summit’s website, as a “superb programme of social and networking opportunities”, for those looking to invest.

The article continues to argue of the hypocracy in the government marking the celebration of the Magna Carta, while systematically attacking our justice system and access to justice:

Mr Cameron’s Government has launched a systematic attack on the legal aid system which gives poor people access to the justice system. There has always been a two-tier system of justice in Britain, one for the poor and one for those who can afford expensive private lawyers. The Government changes have widened this divide, and run flatly contrary to Magna Carta. So does the latest Criminal Justice Bill, with its vicious attack on judicial review, the main way in which arbitrary government decisions are held to account through the courts.”

To read the article, please see Oborne, P. ‘The Hypocrites have jumped aboard the Magna Carta bandwagon’, Daily Telegraph, 8 January 2014


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