Law chief marks Magna Carta with fierce attack on Cameron, The Independent

See Leftly, M. (2015) “Law chief marks Magna Carta with fierce attack on Cameron”, The Independent, 22 February

At the much-criticised Global Law Summit, organised by the government to commemorate 800 years since the sealing of the Magna Carta, Britain’s chief criminal barrister, Tony Cross is expected to make a speech highly critical of the current and past governments for treating public law “with contempt”.

The event is taking place from 22-25 February, and Mr Cross is also expected to say that no prime minister should ever again appoint a non-lawyer as Lord Chancellor, referring to David Cameron’s appointment of Chris Grayling. Chris Grayling, as Justice Secretary, is hugely unpopular with lawyers for his disastrous and damaging reforms to the legal system.

The article linked above in The Independent newspaper notes the Justice Alliance and partners have organised the Not the Global Law Summit event, including the Relay for Rights march from Runnymede to Westminster, of which it features a picture. Speak up for Justice is supporting the Justice Alliance event, to defend access to justice and draw attention to the government’s disastrous programme of cuts and privatisation.

Please sign our petition calling on the government to stop gambling with our justice system.


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Justice is under attack

The government is fragmenting the justice system, privatising policing, probation and prison services, closing courts, slashing the legal aid budget and making drastic cuts to funding. This will undermine the system, reduce access to justice and put public safety at risk.

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