What needs to change?

Prison education workshop. Photo Mark Harvey / ID8 Photography

Access to justice is a basic human right. The Speak Up for Justice Campaign is calling for a justice system that is run in the interests of citizens and not in the interests of profit-making companies.

Justice should be delivered as a not-for profit public service with professionals working together in an integrated system, so that justice can be delivered fairly, efficiently and professionally for victims, citizens, taxpayers and the wider community. Therefore, we’ll be campaigning for a properly funded service and against cuts to services and jobs.

We believe that reforms to the justice system should be developed in consultation with people who use the justice system, those who work in the system and with unions who represent the workforce.

We are calling for:

  • A halt to outsourcing probation services and for the government to pilot reforms and payment-by-results prior to any privatisation.
  • An end to legal aid cuts, and a reversal of previous cuts to help ensure access to justice for all, including families and children.
  • Prisons and prison services to be in the public sector, and for a review looking at overcrowding, closures and the impacts of privatisation on services and workers.
  • Protection of neighbourhood policing, investment in the police workforce, and a halt to police privatisation pending an independent review of the performance of private contractors.
  • Protection of access to local justice by ending court closures and cuts to the Crown Prosecution Service.

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Justice is under attack

The government is fragmenting the justice system, privatising policing, probation and prison services, closing courts, slashing the legal aid budget and making drastic cuts to funding. This will undermine the system, reduce access to justice and put public safety at risk.

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