Wrexham Prison to remain in the public sector

When built in 2017, Wrexham prison will remain in the public sector, managed by Her Majesty’s Prison Service. This was confirmed in a written statement by Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice Andrew Sealous MP. This is a decision welcomed by the TUC.

The Prison Officers Association (POA) has been campaigning for the prison to remain publicly-owned and managed. POA General Secretary Steve Gillan has said “I would now like to see all prisons coming back into the public sector, perhaps this is the turning point.”

It is however disappointing that 34 per cent of the prison services in HMP Wrexham will be outsourced, including the running of a large industrial workshop complex.

We have blogged previously about the proposed selling off of prison services to two huge multinationals in a hugely delayed and secretive tendering competition for contracts to provide services focused on maintenance, facilities and other areas.

For POA’s press release, please click here.


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