The government is betraying the legacy of the Magna Carta, says the TUC

The TUC has today (Monday) accused the government of betraying the legacy of the Magna Carta by weakening people’s rights to justice and selling-off public services.

Protests will be held today in Westminster by unions and legal campaigners outside the Global Law Summit, which is being hosted by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.

TUC Assistant General Secretary Paul Nowak, who will speak at a rally outside the summit, said:

“The government’s privatisation of the criminal justice system has stripped power away from local communities and given it to big business.

“The only rights the Justice Secretary is concerned with protecting are those of wealthy corporations that he wants to bid for our public services.

“On his watch there have been massive cuts to courts, policing, legal aid and other forms of victim support. And he wants to make it harder for people to stop ministers acting unlawfully by limiting judicial review.

“This government has priced workers out of justice by introducing tribunal fees. And now the Conservative Party has announced plans to effectively outlaw the right to strike.”

The protest rally will take place at Old Palace Yard between 1 and 2pm on Monday 23 February. Speakers will include actress Maxine Peake, who will read a section of the Magna Carta that will then be delivered to the Summit.

Monday’s rally follows a march by campaigners from Runnymeade, where the Magna Carta was signed, to London.



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