£15m wasted on consultants bill for probation privatisation

It has recently been revealed that Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has wasted £15m on consultants advising on the much-criticised privatisation of the probation service. Among those in receipt of the £15m payment were accountants EY, management consultants PA Consulting and Collinson Grant, as well as outsourcer BancTec. The firms have roles on the privatisation reforms – Transforming Rehabilitation, until next April 2015.

Transforming Rehabilitation involves splitting the probation service in two and privatising 70% of it, with multinationals very prominent among the recently announced ‘preferred bidders’. With no evidence to base the reforms on, complaints from every quarter and one bidder already having withdrawn from the process, this huge bill for consultants shows the flagrant disregard that the government has for the justice system or in getting value for money.

Please sign our petition calling for a halt to the probation reforms and demanding that the government stop gambling with our justice system!

To see the article in the Independent newspaper, please see Leftly, M. ‘Fury over £15m bill for consultants on probation deal‘, The Independent, 13 November 2014.

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The government is fragmenting the justice system, privatising policing, probation and prison services, closing courts, slashing the legal aid budget and making drastic cuts to funding. This will undermine the system, reduce access to justice and put public safety at risk.

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